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mail copyrights
Published on October 29, 2005 By mrboo In Google

For all the guys who think Gmail and google mail are the same here comes the shock the answer is surprisingly “no”. Google failed to resolve the dispute regarding the Gmail trademark in Uk.

Does it mean No more Gmail?

Ans: No, Gmail will continue to exist outside UK and will be run by Google groups.

As for as U.K is concerned they still have a problem issuing a Gmail address to the new users, hence they have decided to start the mail company googlemail for U.K users. If U gonna be in UK and invite a person to use Gmail he will get the new googlemail.com address compared to gmail.com address, what a shame.

How ever Google has promised to resolve the dispute and get the copyright for Gmail and make sure Gmail version is released in UK as well. However there is still mystery surrounds existing UK Gmail users as their mail name gonna be changed or not.

Its gonna cause me hell lot of problems since I use my Gmail for variety of reasons.
Gmail so for ran without trouble and is the greatest mail service I ever used in my life, but this controversy really spoils the unique blend they created on their service.

This change can be witnessed in Gmail with the logo changed to google mail and no more as Gmail.

Any how wish Google all the best to solve the controversy and serve the net community like it did all time.

on Oct 29, 2005
shame on them, who took illegel rights on gmail
on Oct 29, 2005
I dont know whether I am gonna loose my gmaIL id because of this.
on Oct 30, 2005
if thats the case what about their copyright problem in other countries
on Oct 30, 2005
where did u read this.
on Oct 31, 2005
where did u read this.

He linked it in the article.

on Nov 06, 2005
this is too silly